Situated on the eastern side of Alexandra, this development targets people at the lower end of the housing market and was commissioned by the Alexandra Renewal Programme. The accommodation offers 520 single rooms with shared ablutions, kitchen wash-up and laundry facilities. A courtyard typology is explored in order to group rooms in a double storey unit around a communal courtyard and then to group clusters of rooms around a larger open space. The rooms are arranged in 2 storey blocks [10 rooms each] in clusters of 4 blocks [40 rooms] around a communal courtyard. This courtyard becomes the social hub of each cluster. There are 13 clusters arranged on either side of a central road travelling from the entrance gatehouse and housing supervisors flat through the middle of the site. The spaces between clusters are arranged for urban agriculture, recreation and general open space activity. A crèche and community meeting hall are provided centrally within the complex.