Rapid growth and investment resulted in an unprecedented concentration of high rise developments in Johannesburg in the 1960’s. These mono-functional vertical enclaves served the exclusive interests of corporate capital. After the fall of Apartheid and the dramatic economic, demographic and political shifts, these towers remained unchallenged to serve their new context – one which is Urban, African + Cosmopolitan. The existing 30 storey building earmarked for renewal is a landmark within the inner city. The building was put on the market for developers and designers to reimagine its future and in doing so consider the symbolic, social and political consequences of it future. Mostly importantly the developer had to re-imagine the use of the building and its presence in the city through restructuring and managing the urban realm surrounding the building. The sheer volume of stacked real estate presented an opportunity to address some of the pressing urban and social concerns in Johannesburg. The intention is to create a dense concentration of living, working and social spaces in a tower typology that radically shifts the status quo on urban living in Johannesburg.